A Safe & Nurturing Environment

The infant program at the Cottage provides your baby with a safe, caring place to explore and learn about his/her environment. Our program centers around a philosophy of demand-based care, meaning we do not require an infant to conform to “our schedule”, we form ours around theirs. Here at the Cottage our curriculum centers on the understanding that an infant’s every activity is a learning experience, whether it be diapering, feeding, playing, or sleeping. An infant learns basic life skills such as trust, touch, and healthy interaction with adults and other children, through all the activities they participate in during the day.

Our infant staff consists of well-qualified teachers

Daily notes on your baby’s development

Special activities designed for infants

Regular parent-teacher conferences quarterly

Open Communication

Our infant staff consists of well-qualified teachers, who are here to help and inform you in any way we can. To help keep you informed of your baby’s day and development, we are always available to talk to you in the morning and/or afternoon. Along with the verbal interaction with your baby’s teachers we supply a “Daily Notes” form. This tells you about the basics (i.e. eating, sleeping, etc.) and also a section of any special activities your baby engaged in during the day or information you need to know about. Along with the daily notes, we offer voluntary conferences quarterly.