Meeting every need

Our Preschool program is designed to meet all the needs of your developing child. This age is a milestone in your child’s growth. They are transitioning from the toddler years into independent preschoolers. The curriculum is planned to be developmentally appropriate for the children, keeping each child’s individual interests and needs in mind. The curriculum and classroom design helps to facilitate learning through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children, and materials.

Curriculum to stimulate curiosity and learning

Weekly curriculum posted on our parent board

Our activities include math, science, language, art, and fine and gross motor skills

Our overall goal for your child is to learn in a fun environment.

Opportunities to Learn & Explore

Typically, the children’s day is organized into a sequence of events. This allows the children to understand what to expect from the environment, when to expect it, and how to cooperate with the expectations that the Cottage staff has for them. The children learn in individual, small and large group situations. Activities are offered both indoors and outdoors, balanced with active and quiet times to most closely match the natural rhythms of young children.